Events | Conference | 19 April to 21 April 2012

Globalization and the Common Good

Organized by Joshua J. Yates

On April 19–21, 2012, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and the Social Trends Institute cosponsored an experts meeting on the theme of “globalization and the common good.” The purpose of this meeting was to push against the grain by inviting leading American and European scholars to join together in a reconsideration of the liabilities and the opportunities, the limits and possibilities of the idea of the common good in the context of global change and integration. Discussion was organized around two fundamental questions: “what is the nature and structure of the common good in a globalized world?” and “what difference might a common good perspective make to current ways of thinking about the ordering of political and public life in a global context?”

Participating scholars included: Abudullahi Ahmed An-Naim (Emory, Law), Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni (DePaul, International Law), Ana Marta González (University of Navarra, Philosophy), John Haldane (St. Andrews, Philosophy), Michael Ignatieff (University of Toronto, Global Affairs), Richard Madsen (UC San Diego, Global Sociology, Chinese Culture), Christine Mahoney (University of Virginia, Politics), Jean Porter (Notre Dame, Philosophy), Walter Schweidler (Ruhr University Bochum, Philosophy), Lief Wenar (Kings College London, Ethics), and Joshua J. Yates (UVA, Sociology).

This conference began with a public lecture by Michael Ignatieff, "Reimagining a Global Ethic."

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