Alumni Fellows

Our alumni fellows are those faculty or former students who participated in the Institute’s intellectual community while at the University of Virginia, and who have since migrated to other intellectual or institutional centers throughout the world.

Shannon Latkin Anderson

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Roanoke College

Habib Babai

Director of the Department of Islam and West Studies

Academy of Islamic Science and Culture, Qom, Iran

Monica Black

Associate Professor of History and Associate Department Head

The University of Tennesee at Knoxville

Wilson Brissett

Associate Professor of American Literature

The United States Air Force Academy

Mary Caler

J. Kameron Carter

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Black Church Studies

Duke Divinity School

David Ciepley

Associate Professor of Political Science

University of Denver

Geoffrey Claussen

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Elon University

Pamela D. Cochran

Kendall Cox

David Decosimo

Assistant Professor, Graduate Division of Religious Studies and the School of Theology

Boston University

Jeffrey Dill

Research Assistant Professor of Social Thought

Templeton Honors College at Eastern University

Daniel Doneson

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Andrew Douglas

Yuliya Dudaronak

Instructor of Sociology

Virginia Commonwealth University

Ann W. Duncan

Assistant Professor of Religion

Goucher College

Beth A. Eck

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Head of Sociology and Anthropology

James Madison University

David Franz


Shafter Schools Project

Karen V. Guth

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

College of the Holy Cross

Jonas Hart

Doctoral Candidate in Sociology

University of Virginia

William Hasselberger

Alumni Fellow

Justin Holcomb

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Reformed Theological Seminary

Richard Horner

Executive Director

Christian Study Center of Gainesville, Florida

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Associate Professor of Political Science

Northwestern University

Robert Ingram

Associate Professor of History

Ohio University

Katherine Jo

Doctoral Candidate in Philosophy of Education

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Daniel Johnson

Professor of Sociology and Department Chair of Sociology

Gordon College

Kristen Deede Johnson

Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Formation

Western Theological Seminary

Steven L. Jones

Associate Professor of Sociology

Grove City College

Kelli Joseph

Grid Operations at New York Independent System Operator (NYISO)

Adam Kadlac

Lecturer in Philosophy

Wake Forest University

Dustin Kidd

Associate Professor of Sociology

Temple University

Ty Landrum

William Lockhart

Associate Professor of Sociology

McLennan Community College

Glenn Lucke


Docent Group

Jonathan Malesic

Associate Professor of Theology and Director of CELT

King's College

Ryan McDermott

Assistant Professor of English

University of Pittsburgh

Betsy Mesard

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Guilford College

Alison Milbank

Associate Professor of Theology

University of Nottingham

John Milbank

Professor in Religion, Politics, and Ethics

University of Nottingham

Matthew Mutter

Assistant Professor of Literature

Bard College

Paul Nedelisky

Alumni Fellow

Scott Nesbit

Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities

University of Georgia

Justin Neuman

Assistant Professor of English

Yale University

Christopher McKnight Nichols

Assistant Professor of History

Oregon State University

James Nolan

Professor of Sociology

Williams College

Ned O'Gorman

Visiting Faculty Fellow

Irene Oh

Associate Professor of Religion

George Washington University

Judd Owen

Associate Professor of Political Science

Emory University

Erik Owens

Associate Professor and Associate Director, Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Boston College

Dan Philpott

Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies

University of Notre Dame

Hilde Restad

Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Bjørknes College

Amy Richards

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Eastern University

Lynn D. Robinson

Program Manager, Principled Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Charles G. Koch Foundation

Melvin Rogers

Associate Professor of Political Science and African American Studies


Markella Rutherford

Associate Professor of Sociology

Wellesley College

George Sanker

Head of School

The Covenant School, Charlottesville, VA

Kimon Howland Sargeant

Vice President, Human Sciences

John Templeton Foundation

Kevin M. Schultz

Associate Professor of History, Catholic Studies, and Religious Studies

University of Illinois at Chicago

Regina Schwartz

Professor of English

Northwestern University

Molly Scudder

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Texas Christian University

Kevin Seidel

Assistant Professor of English

Eastern Mennonite University

Jon Shields

Associate Professor of Government

Claremont McKenna College

Christina Simko

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology Williams College

Ranjit Singh

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

University of Mary Washington

Peter Slade

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Ashland University

Regina Smardon

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Methodist University

Gregory A. Smith

Director of U.S. Religion Surveys

Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project

Benjamin Snyder

Lecturer, School of Social and Cultural Studies

Victoria University of Wellington

Edward Song

Scholar in Residence and Professor of Philosophy

Westmont College

Felicia Wu Song

Professor of Sociology

Westmont College

Tatiana Tatarchevskiy

Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Instructor, University without Borders

Sacred Heart University

George Thomas

Professor of Global Studies

Arizona State University

Lauren Turek

Assistant Professor of History

Trinity University

Dan Turello

Program Specialist, The Library of Congress

Mark Wild

Associate Professor, College of Natural and Social Sciences

California State University, Los Angeles

Free Williams

Doctoral Candidate in Religious Studies

University of Virginia

Andrew Witmer

Assistant Professor of History

James Madison University

Genevieve Zubrzycki

Associate Professor of Sociology

University of Michigan

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