Benjamin Snyder

Benjamin Snyder

Associate Fellow

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Benjamin is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia. He specializes in cultural sociology with interests in time, memory, and emotions. Benjamin’s dissertation focuses on time pressure and the culture of busyness in America. The project investigates the cultural construction of time, so characteristic of Western modernity, as an object outside us that strains our minds, bodies, and relationships but also bestows temporal virtues, such as industriousness, vigilance, diligence, and adrenaline. Using interviews and participant observation, the project compares the experiences of three groups of Americans with distinctly different relationships to time pressure: truck drivers, executive professionals, and the unemployed. In an age where everything seems to be speeding up, the project attempts to step back and take stock of the culture of time in America to give voice to its promises and perils.

Articles by Benjamin Snyder, available online:

Sociology: A Lost Connection in Social Psychology,” with Shigehiro Oishi and Selin Kesebir, Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2009.

Book Review: Religion and Cultural Memory: Ten Studies,Memory Studies, 2009.

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