Charles T. Mathewes

Charles T. Mathewes

UVa Faculty Fellow

Carolyn M. Barbour Professor of Religious Studies

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Charles Mathewes is Carolyn M. Barbour Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia where he teaches religious ethics and religious thought. He spent much of his childhood in Saudi Arabia and was educated at Georgetown University and the University of Chicago. He is the author of Evil and the Augustinian Tradition and A Theology of Public Life, both with Cambridge University Press; The Republic of Grace, with Eerdmans Publishers; and Understanding Religious Ethics, with Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. He has also produced a 36-lecture video and audio series with the Teaching Company, entitled "Why Evil Exists." He is currently producing a four-volume "Major Works" collection for Routledge Publishers on the field of Comparative Religious Ethics, with his co-editors Mark Storslee and Matthew Puffer, both graduate fellows at IASC. From 2006 until 2010, he was Editor of The Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the flagship journal in the field of religious studies. He is also Associate Editor of the forthcoming third edition of the Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics, and he has recently been appointed the Chair of the Committee on the Future of Christian Ethics by the Society of Christian Ethics, an appointment which will run for the length of the Committee's work. With his wife Jennifer Geddes, he is Co-Principal of one of UVA’s residential colleges, Brown College at Monroe Hill.

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