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Globalization and Social Responsibility

“Think Globally, Act Locally” (Sociology 2499)

“Think globally, act locally” is a popular, ethically and politically charged slogan that invites both empirical examination and critical reflection on a host of timely social problems. Issues such as poverty, sustainable urban planning, labor outsourcing, the need for alternative sources of energy, the spread of infectious disease, organized crime, worries about the loss of bio-diversity and climate change, the risks of industrial agriculture and biotechnology, controversies surrounding immigration, and so much more impact our local communities and everyday lives in countless, but often ambiguous ways. The purpose of this course is to make the global dimensions of such issues more comprehensible and our responses to them better informed and equipped. Through the research and writing of a case study on a single issue of social concern, each student will consider the scholarly as well as the practical implications this maxim raises for communities like Charlottesville. This course is intended for students interested in global studies, social problems, community development, local democracy, and social movements. For more information, please download the full course syllabus here.

Professor: Joshua J. Yates

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The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is an interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences, training young scholars, and providing intellectual leadership in service to the public good.

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