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The Institute is home to several blogs. The Hedgehog Review hosts: The THR Blog, designed to sustain the conversation around cultural change between the journal's three issues; The Infernal Machine, which delves into the intersection of technology, past and present, and the human person; and Common Place, which questions what it takes for a community to thrive. IASC News Blog curates the work of the Institute.

THR Blog

THR BlogDrawing on the disciplinary approaches of cultural sociology and anthropology, history, philosophy, and religious studies and the work of public intellectuals as well as academy-based scholars, THR Blog, like The Hedgehog Review, seeks to provide rigor and balance in making sense of the institutions and forces that shape us. Our writers include The Hedgehog Review editors, Institute fellows and faculty, and an ever-growing network of thinkers who share our interests.

The Infernal Machine

The Infernal MachineThe Infernal Machine attempts to get a hold of our world’s rapid technological changes and consider them in terms of questions about the good, the true, and the beautiful. Drawing on the approaches of history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, media studies, and religious studies to make sense of the historical and contemporary relationships among technology, ethics, and being human, The Infernal Machine is edited by Institute Faculty Chad Wellmon, as well as associate editors Andrew Piper, McGill University, and Ned O’Gorman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Common Place

Common Place Common Place is an on-line venue to address the question: What does it mean and take for a community and its residents to thrive? Common Place is a forum to explore the possibilities of working across differences among social sectors, classes, race and ethnicity, religion, and politics in order to create unusual coalitions and new possibilities for human flourishing.

Common Place is edited by Institute Managing Director Josh Yates, along with members of the Thriving Cities Project team.

IASC News Blog

Curating the work of the Institute, IASC News Blog shares news and information about the Institute’s research, fellows, events, and media.


Who We Are

The Hedgehog Review is an intellectual journal concerned with contemporary cultural change published three times per year by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.

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