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The Meaning of Cities

Summer 2017 (19.2)

The accelerating urbanization of the world can be viewed as either the hope or the bane of our global future. Yet at a time when more than half of the world’s population inhabits cities and so much thought and study have been devoted to the challenges and possibilities of urban life, surprisingly little attention is paid to the crucial purpose and meaning of cities. Recovering the cultural dimension in thinking about the future of our cities may be the best way to make them the solution and not the problem.

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The Post-Modern Self

The Hedgehog ReviewSpring 2017 (19.1)

To capture some sense of the self at this post-modern moment, we examine the key features of our deeper cultural code. How has the persistence of guilt shaped our view of progress? Is the autonomous subject yielding to the collective? What do popular cultural representations of evil say about our sense of moral agency? What deep unease does our addiction to “self-help” successfully or unsuccessfully address?

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The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Science

The Hedgehog ReviewFall 2016 (18.3)

Science has been central to the rise of the modern world. The practices of induction, observation, experimentation, theory testing, and falsification—and the invaluable products of those practices—have all had such profound effects on our culture and our ways of thinking. Yet as much as we have come to rely on it, science, like many other contemporary institutions, has been drawn into our highly politicized culture wars. This issue explores how the cultural contradictions of modern science shape ongoing debates over authority and truth in areas ranging from climate change to morality to the ends and purposes of science itself.

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The Strange Persistence of Guilt

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