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The Human and the Digital

Spring 2018 (20.1)

Are we ready for digitopia? What might we be risking when we opt for, or succumb to, the ease, efficiency, and beguilements of online life? Many boosters claim that the digitally enhanced life only extends the capacities and potentials of the human being. But growing evidence suggests that such a regime may distort or diminish our human endowments, including our imagination and intellect, our will and attention, our feelings and emotions. Nor is it unfair to say that the life digital—both the reality and the hype—has already gone some way toward diminishing our sense of human distinctiveness.

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The End of the End of History?

The Hedgehog ReviewFall 2017 (19.3)

Is it time to declare the end of the end of history? Are we witnessing the exhaustion, or tragic collapse, of the once-vital liberal tradition that supported our politics, both progressive and conservative, and which made politics a (relatively) civil enterprise, and compromise a desirable outcome of that enterprise? The questions are urgent and the stakes are high, not only for America and other liberal democracies but for a global order built on faith in the universal worth of liberal principles.

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The Meaning of Cities

The Hedgehog ReviewSummer 2017 (19.2)

At a time when more than half of the world’s population inhabits cities and so much thought and study have been devoted to the challenges and possibilities of urban life, surprisingly little attention is paid to the crucial purpose and meaning of cities. What are cities for?

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