Fellows Program

Acentral component of the work of the Institute is the intellectual and financial support of graduate and postgraduate scholars whose interests and research focus on understanding the unique characteristics of our times.

Our fellows program centers around the Friday Seminar, which brings our faculty fellows, staff, and junior and senior scholars together in conversation over recent scholarship that contributes to a contemporary understanding of culture.

In addition, the Institute provides residencies for senior scholars and fellowships, stipends, research support, and conference funds for junior scholars.

List of Fellows

For more information about our fellows program, please contact:

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Available Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis to established scholars looking for semester and year-long sabbaticals and whose work directly contributes to the intellectual priorities of the Institute’s research programs. These fellowships typically provide office space, a stipend covering some portion or all of a sabbatical leave based on the candidate's base salary, and some research funds. Visiting Fellows are expected to be in residence and to participate in all Institute events.

>> Click here to apply for a visiting fellowship.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to recent PhDs whose research directly contributes to the research priorities of the Institute. It is principally designed to support work on first books. These fellowships will, in most cases, be directly linked to specific Institute programs. The tenure of the IASC Postdoctoral Fellowship is one year with the possibility of renewal (for up to three years) and it carries a stipend of $40,000 per year. Renewals are based on performance and funding availability. To be eligible for a Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants must successfully defend their dissertations prior to the start of the academic year in which they have been awarded a fellowship.

Character and Culture Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The Institute invites applications for a Character and Culture Postdoctoral Fellowship for a full academic year, a semester, or a summer. This fellowship is renewable for up to a total of 3 years; renewals are based on performance and availability of funding. The fellowship carries an annual stipend of $40,000 for a full year, $20,000 for six months, and $10,000 for 3 months, plus individual health insurance and an office space at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Fellows will be awarded on the basis of how well their current scholarship both reflects and advances the intellectual mission of the Moral Foundations of Education Project at the Institute for the Advanced Studies in Culture. Candidates are highly encouraged to read the project description, which can be found here.

>> Click here to apply for the Character and Culture Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

GRADUATE Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships do not carry any funding or stipends, but graduate fellows are invited to attend all Institute events and participate in the Institute's intellectual community. Fellows will be awarded on the basis of how well their current scholarship both reflects and advances the intellectual mission of the Institute. Candidates are highly encouraged to read the Institute's Vision Statement. Fellowships are open to all qualified candidates without restriction as to citizenship or current residence, though Fellows must be in residence at UVA for the duration of the award period. Institute Fellows are expected to participate in all Institute sponsored events and to be an active member of the regular Friday Seminar.

>> Click here to apply for a graduate fellowship.

Other Fellowship Types

Doctoral Fellowships

The Doctoral Fellowship supports students through the research and writing stages of their dissertations. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic promise and how closely their scholarly interests fit with the Institute’s research priorities. Doctoral Fellowships carry a stipend of $25,000 per year. The fellow must be in residence during their fellowship and attend all Institute events. 

Abd el-Kader postdoctoral Fellowship

The Abd el-Kader Fellowship is a one-year renewable fellowship made possible due to the generosity of the William and Mary Greve Foundation. Named after Emir Abd el-Kader (1808–1883), the principal aims of this fellowship are academic, yet in keeping with both Abd el-Kader’s own commitment to intercultural dialogue and the Institute’s commitment to foster the common good across deep differences, the Abd el-Kader Fellowship is awarded to applicants whose scholarship seeks to contribute directly to transdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue. Applicants’ research does not have to focus on Abd el-Kader directly but must show the relevance to his or her research of Abd el-Kader’s example as a touchstone of moral leadership, lifelong commitment to learning, and open spirit, fostering reconciliation.

U.Va. Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellows are selected from U.Va. faculty on the basis of interest and fit with the Institute’s intellectual mission. Faculty Fellows are expected to attend Institute events, participate in the Institute’s various programs and projects, and provide professional support to Institute Doctoral Fellows. Faculty Fellows can apply for research and sabbatical support depending on both the Institute’s funding priorities and funding availability.

Who We Are

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is an interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences, training young scholars, and providing intellectual leadership in service to the public good.

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