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Abd el-Kader Fellowship

T he Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, through the generosity of The William and Mary Greve Foundation, is pleased to offer the Abd el-Kader fellowship.

Emir Abd el-Kader (1808–1883) was raised in a Sufi tradition in what is today western Algeria. Born of a marabout family dedicated to learning and wisdom, he nevertheless became famous as a warrior, scholar, and saint during his confrontation with French occupation in the 1830s. A man of civility, compassion, zest for learning, self-restraint, and moral leadership, he won the admiration of the world including President Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Pope Pius IX, and Emir Shamil. The animating themes and concerns of Abd el-Kader’s life remain very much our own over a century later. He confronted the challenges of a foreign occupation, imprisonment, and exile with stoic resilience, diplomacy, learning, and a clear moral compass that won him fame from Missouri to Moscow to Mecca. Secure in his own identity, he was a unifier not a divider. Both his life and legacy are a testament to the difficulties and the possibilities for human flourishing, even under the most trying circumstances.

The principal aims of this fellowship are academic, yet in keeping with both Abd el-Kader’s own commitment to intercultural dialogue and the Institute’s commitment to foster the common good across deep differences, the Abd el-Kader Fellowship will be awarded to applicants whose scholarship seeks to contribute directly to transdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue. Applicants’ research does not have to focus on Abd el-Kader directly but must show the relevance to his or her research of Abd el-Kader’s example as a touchstone of moral leadership, lifelong commitment to learning, and open spirit, fostering reconciliation.

Details of Fellowship

  • Residential fellowship required.
  • Renewable for up to a total of three years, subject to availability of funding and to performance.
  • Individual health insurance provided.
  • Fellowship is open to all qualified candidates without restriction to citizenship or current residence, though fellow must be in residence at U.Va. for the duration of the award period.

Application Process

  • Applications will only be accepted through Jobs@UVA during the open application period.


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For further information on Emir Abd el-Kader, click here.

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